• The founders: Spirit meets De Bokkedoorns

    The Summum Lounge was set up by Spirit Hosting & Promotions and De Bokkedoorns restaurant. Both parties are highly renowned in the hospitality sector.

    Spirit Hosting & Promotions

    Spirit Hosting & Promotions has been a specialized partner for hosting services since 1990. It provides the right host or hostess for any event or occasion, professional hosts who fully understand what hospitality means.

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    Restaurant de Bokkedoorns

    Under the management of John Beeren, De Bokkedoorns restaurant grew into a true institution. Each new day the team goes to the limit to indulge guests with the restaurant's cuisine. De Bokkedoorns restaurant has been an institution for more than 50 years and has had two Michelin stars for over 20 years.

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  • The designers: Finnegan and Glintmeijer

    The Summum Lounge was designed by architectural firm FG Stijl. The interiors by owners Colin Finnegan and Gerard Glintmeijer are regularly in the media.

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  • The quality: discreet, exclusive, welcoming



    At the Summum Lounge you can enter the venue and remain there completely incognito. Discretion here is guaranteed. From the outside it is impossible to see who is inside.


    You can only book the Summum Lounge in its entirety, as a result you have the whole lounge including a hostess at your disposal.

    The venue, combined with a view of private jets, the design by architectural firm FG Stil and food prepared by De Bokkedoorns restaurant, ensures a meeting of the highest quality.

    During your visit, take a look at the special materials used in the design. There is a leather floor, walls made of onyx and the floor made from wengé.


    The hosts and hostesses from Spirit Hosting & Promotions know what hospitality means, it’s in the company’s DNA. The host or hostess ensures you want for nothing during your meeting at our venue.


    The concept: Summum, the private jet lounge

    A highly exclusive meeting venue offering the ultimate in hospitality and anonymity. This has been translated in all aspects of the venue: design, service, food and beverages.